The Indien

“The Indien” by The Indien (Vinyl 12”)


This is the debut album by ‘The Indien’ with hits like ‘Be Yours’, ‘Stay’ & ‘Sleep When I’m With You’. The Indien is the project around Rianne Walther. The Indien plays with influences from the past but at its core makes lively pop songs with an alternative slant. Tracks are built around Rianne’s soaring vocals often with stripped back percussion, cinematic layering’s and guitar melodies. “Fundamentally, it’s pop music, though it’s probably leaning toward the alternative side,” Rianne says. “The backbone of our music is usually recorded in a live setting, but a big part of the production takes part in sessions at home. It’s intricate, vibey... but with a DIY feel too.”

1. 16
2. Be Yours
3. How Many Nights
4. Numbers
5. Nothing Like You
6. Born Again
7. Not Crying
8. Stay
9. Drive You
10. Sleep When I’m With You

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